Maintain Anti-Cellulite Lotion

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M'lis Maintain, is an anti-cellulite lotion with the ability to maximize and preserve the contouring, tightening and inch loss achieved through the M’lis Body Contour Wrap. Essential nutrients increase the circulation, helping to condition and tone the skin. Active ingredients help to assist in the cleansing and cellulite removal process, leaving the skin with a delicate cinnamon scent.

Concentrated Formula Contains:

• Aloe Vera: Works as an antibacterial, anti inflammatory and anti fungal which helps to calm, heal and soothe the skin
• Vitamin A:  Promotes cell turnover, improves skin texture and firmness, and helps to fade and prevent discolorations
• Cucumber Extract: Helps to tighten and firm the skin while binding moisture, healing and combating inflammation
• Cassia: Promotes circulation

Suggested Use:  MAINTAIN anti-cellulite lotion should be applied immediately after showering or bathing, on all days in between body wraps or as an everyday lotion.  (Before initial use it is advised that a patch test be performed at least 8 hours prior to application.)  Apply to dry skin in a circular motion, treating the problem areas of the hips, buttocks, thighs, upper arms, etc.  Avoid breasts and bikini areas.  (for even better results use during and after doing a M'lis Detoxification Kit or M'lis Total Body Cleanse to detoxify your body)   For even better results use after exfoliating with M'lis Buff, body exfoliator.

Please Note:  Due to increased circulation the skin may become pink immediately following application, normal coloring will return shortly following use.