Unstress Probiotic Day Cream

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Day Cream with spf 15  for sensitive, dehydrated or rosacea prone skin
The day cream your sensitive skin craves! Instantly soothes and hydrates even the most sensitized and rosacea prone skin. 
This Pro-Biotic Day Cream acts as a protective shield for skin by boosting the skin’s natural immune system. The Day Cream’s active probiotic formula enriched with deep penetrating antioxidant peptides, maximizes natural DNA-protecting mechanisms and cell function, helping sustain skin’s protective barrier by locking in moisture and deterring the signs of premature aging caused by environmental stress, revealing a healthier more smoothed and soothed complexion.

Unstress is a unique treatment that soothes and prevents stress-induced skin damages. Unstress utilizes clinically proven bioactive agents to provide DNA and cell membrane protection, reducing skin vulnerability caused by environmental and personal stresses. Unstress treats premature aging and brings the skin to its healthiest state, by boosting the body’s natural immune system and cell defense mechanisms.

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